Gina Nespolini-Plunkett

Student since January 12, 2015


The Training For Warriors System transforms people.  Gina is an inspirational transformation story.  She started as a student in the TFW Connecticut New Year 2015 Transformation Program.  Initially, her goal was to tone, lose body fat and feel good.  Since then, Gina has graduated from the transformation program and will be joining the TFW Connecticut coaching team.

Her motivation and dedication to training shows in her results! She has lost 3% body fat, increased her endurance and muscle tone.  Also, in the last six months, Gina has also faced some challenges.  She hurt her knee in a 5k and had to deal with a personal family loss.  The TFW Program and Familia has been behind Gina through her most difficult time.  Training For Warriors builds the mental fortitude to help get you through those tough times.  You come back with a stronger determination to be better and help others.  Gina is now working toward her Training for Warriors Level 1 Certification and is ready to coach her fellow warriors with her motivating, charismatic personality creating a spirit of cooperation as a team.

Student Highlight: 2016

Student Highlight: 2016

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