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Jen Bixler came to TFW Connecticut in December, 2015. She was transferred to Connecticut with her husband and just moved to Bethel. Jen saw our TFW signs and wanted to know what we were all about.

She wanted to get back into the shape she was in when she was in the Army. Her goal was to be able to run the South Carolina Spartan Beast Race. From her first consult with us, she was determined to succeed and could not wait to get started. With every class, Jen kept her vision & focus clear. Even with an unexpected set-back that would have kept most people from training, Jen stayed ruthlessly committed to training with us, keeping her expectations high and never losing sight of her goal. 

Jen brings out the warrior within every time she steps in our dojo and we are confident she will dominate the SC Spartan Beast Race and any other challenge that she wants to conquer – that’s why she’s our Warrior of the Month!

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