Our Student Highlight for February, 2016 is:

James Philipakos

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February marks the 4-year anniversary since James started his training journey in 2012 at TFWConnecticut. James came to our facility for a completely unrelated matter to training. When he walked through the door, he was amazed that there were no treadmills or workout machines. All the equipment used was basically hung from the walls or ceiling.

He was intrigued to see how we train. Andreas gave him a workout demonstration and James felt like he was back in sports training. The rest, as they say, is history.

James trains 1:1 and participates in the TFWConnecticut Group Classes.

He has made a remarkable transformation by losing 30 lbs. and has quit smoking in the process. His strength is now as it was back in his college days by reaching a personal record of over 300lbs in his bench press, 335lbs in his squat, and hit a lifetime personal record of 380lb deadlift.

James is a great motivator and always encourages everyone to push past their comfort zone to reach the next level. James continues to train hard and will without a doubt set new records!

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