The TFW Connecticut Mission Statement!

TFW Connecticut is committed to Educate, Motivate and Inspire each individual with fitness and nutrition coaching to build self-esteem and create a healthy lifestyle.


There are a lot of  “Personal Trainers”, “Bootcamps” & “Fitness centers” in the area to choose from and it can be very confusing, intimidating and sometimes overwhelming to choose one that will actually get you results and not just sign you up and throw you into the mix. At Training For Warriors we promise not only results but that you will become part of our family as we want the very best for you personally, mentally and physically! We are so serious about our commitment that all our clients who wrote a testimonial on out website would be willing to SPEAK TO YOU PERSONALLY! –

TFW – Connecticut   uses results-based athletic training and lifestyle/nutrition coaching to help our community accomplish their goals in fitness and in life.

We employ a group training system created through developing elite athletes in the UFC, the NFL, and the Olympics. But you don’t have to be an athlete to look, feel, and train like one: TFW is for everyone. Our strength training and conditioning incorporates weightlifting, sprinting, and bodyweight exercise, and is delivered with expert and motivational coaching.
TFW Connecticut stands for building you up, not breaking you down. It’s about building muscle, losing fat, and feeling great. Anyone can make you tired, we are here to make you better!

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