Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Feel Good.

At TFW, we strive to make the most comprehensive plan for the individual to succeed in reaching their goals. 
We are experienced fitness coaches, utilizing the latest technology to maximize your results!

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What is TFW, Why it works?

The TFW System began 20 years ago as a training program originally created for the best athletes in the world.  Today, the training methods of the TFW System can benefit anyone looking to lose fat, build muscle and feel good
TFW Connecticut stands for building you up, not breaking you down.  What sets us apart from other gyms and bootcamps is the culture we create.  We Focus on a motivational approach and family environment.  

What is

Unlike many others, Myzone is the only fitness tracking app based on the World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Guidelines. It uses a game-based platform and social experience that rewards effort not fitness, motivating users to reach their personal bests.

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3 days ago

TFW Connecticut

Strong Women = Hard work, but just like Hillary @tfwconnecticut performing unassisted chin ups tonight.... This can be possible for all women with proper training, , motivation and a good fitness coach! 💪💪💪
#TFW #tfwconnecticut #strongwomen #bethelct #danburyct #brookfieldct #newtownct #reddingct #ridgefieldct

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1 week ago

TFW Connecticut

!!!!!!!10 YEARS TODAY!!!!!!!
Kettlebell Fitness personal training opened 10 years ago today! It was a small 500 square foot studio that we couldn't be more proud of. So many memories with our amazing one-on-one clients and the results they achieved in our little place.
In October of 2013 we took the other two-thirds of the building and launched TFW Connecticut!
Now it is February 10th 2020 and we are so proud to have an incredible team consisting of head Fitness coach Debra Rydziel, coach Andreas Washeim, Massage Therapist Darryl Soifersmith, Vinyasa Flow instructor Joe and over 70 amazing clients we call Familia!
2020 will be our year and even more amazing things will happen @TFW Connecticut! ....... STAY TUNED 💪💪💪

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1 week ago

TFW Connecticut

Our TFW Connecticut clients are getting stronger every day 💪
#LoseFat #buildmuscle #FeelGood #GetStrong #Motivation #deadlift #bethelct #danburyct #brookfieldct #newmilfordct #ridgefieldct #newtownct #reddingct

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