At TFW, now A Lasting Fitness, we strive to make the most comprehensive plan for the individual to succeed in reaching their goals. 
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What is TFW, Why it works?

The TFW System began 20 years ago as a training program originally created for the best athletes in the world.  Today, the training methods of the TFW System can benefit anyone looking to lose fat, build muscle and feel good
TFW Connecticut stands for building you up, not breaking you down.  What sets us apart from other gyms and bootcamps is the culture we create.  We Focus on a motivational approach and family environment.  
  1. What is

Unlike many others, Myzone is the only fitness tracking app based on the World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Guidelines. It uses a game-based platform and social experience that rewards effort not fitness, motivating users to reach their personal bests.

Total Body Analysis Includes:

  • Body Fat

  • Muscle Mass

  • Muscle to Fat Ratio

  • BMI

  • And More

Google Reviews
Lauren LodatoLauren Lodato
04:15 15 Nov 22
I've been with TFW Connecticut for just over a year now and I couldn't be happier. Debra and Andreas are incredibly friendly and professional. I often need modifications for a chronic knee issue and Debra has a world of knowledge for different exercises. I can continue to participate in workouts to my full potential and feel as much apart of the group as everyone else while still keeping my knee safe. Not only are Debra and Andreas amazing trainers, but the environment they've created with the support of the other dedicated gym members is what helps to keep me accountable to my goals. Looking forward to seeing how many more goals I'll crush with all their help.
Therese TierneyTherese Tierney
16:11 11 Oct 22
Andreas and Debra are amazing. This is my first time at a gym, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I’ve been going to TFW for 3 months now and I’ve never felt better. The one-on-one training and group training are both wonderful. I feel like I have a new family. Andreas and Debra are both so welcoming. I highly recommend TFW!!!
yuriy zinchukyuriy zinchuk
21:15 07 Oct 22
Andreas, the owner, is great at what he does, he’s a professional, he takes pride in helping people to feel better, coach them, and help them to achieve their physical and mental goals.I’ve been battling back pain for years, visited many doctors, who couldn’t help me with their useless suggestions.Andreas had provided the proper training exercises to alleviate my pain and build the strength back up for my back. He continues to help me get in shape and feel better about myself.I highly recommend his place. Thank you TFW !!!
Kate ClarkeKate Clarke
14:39 23 Sep 22
Debra and Andreas are great!! Tailor to your needs, wonderful supportive group. I had some medical issues that had really brought my physicality to a weak pt. I am getting stronger each week and am building an awesome strong healthy body built to last for a great long life!!
Pat DeuschlePat Deuschle
20:03 12 Sep 22
Deb is amazing! I've gained so much flexibility and core strength working with her every week. She's able to adjust my workout to my unusual needs. I haven't felt this strong and energetic in years!
Lizzy AndersonLizzy Anderson
19:48 17 Aug 22
Debra and Andreas provided great experiences at TFWConnecticut. The workouts are well laid out, easy to follow along and Debra provided awesome alternates to help with my long term injury. I enjoyed working out in the group; they made me feel very welcome. I feel great after working out at TFWConnecticut!
Herta WasheimHerta Washeim
02:10 21 Nov 19
On my 70th birthday back in September of 2010, I realized that I needed to do more than walk everyday. I had never done any weight training before. I joined TFW Connecticut and thanks to the expert guidance & instruction I received from trainers Debra & Andreas, I feel stronger, more flexible and able to do more physically than I have in a long time.
michael loyamichael loya
02:05 19 Nov 19
Working on a new PR bench press. Less than two weeks to go! 💪💪
21:39 11 Nov 19
TFW is a awesome gym. I retired about two and half years ago and needed a place to keep fit. My body parts were starting to go south and energy levels running on empty.I passed TFW every day going to work and wonder how the place was. I finally took the step to stop. It only took a walk in to see the highly motivated and passionate coaches Debra and Andreas to know this is the place for me. So take the walk in!
Melanie LynchMelanie Lynch
19:30 11 Nov 19
TFW is an amazing place! Coach Deb and Coach Andreas are amazing at what they do and work with each member to make their experience the best it can be for them. All of the members are warm and inviting and it makes the environment fun to be in.
Jennifer BiscowJennifer Biscow
18:36 08 Nov 19
Great workout last night
Jen    BidwellJen Bidwell
01:15 07 Nov 19
Positivity and motivation can always be found here!
Jennifer FeliceJennifer Felice
22:33 20 Feb 19
I have been a member of the TFW CONNECTICUT familia for a few years now. Coach Andreas and Coach Debra are very motivating and have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am incredibly grateful for that. My confidence, eating habits, strength and speed have improved dramatically. I never imagined I would ever be able to deadlift or bench press as much as I can, not to mention enjoy trying to increase my speed for sprints. The environment is amazing. Everyone is very supportive, encouraging and welcoming. Whether you have been there for years or just starting out, you are always greeted with a smile and a high five. I highly recommend you check out TFW Connecticut. You will be happy you did!
Peter SchenkPeter Schenk
19:14 30 Oct 18
This is my first ever review on Google EVER and with good reason because I never felt compelled to write one for any service and/or product. See I just turned 50 and have never really worked out in my life but have attended a local gym last couple of years. Typical workout days would be… walk in and tan walk out. Walk in and watch a movie and walk out. Walk in take a walk for 5 minutes and walk out…. Day in and day out. Something clicked in the mid-summer of 2018 and I knew it was time for serious change in my life. Not wanting to make another investment in a sports car or something that only lasted a little bit I wanted to INVEST IN ME.Did a quick Google search and found TFW and guess what they are the ONLY local google listing that I found with 10 (5) Star rating… (soon to be 11) knew I was onto something. Called their number and Deb picked up and asked me to come down at talk to Andreas…. So I did. As soon as I walked in I was thrown back to the old movies of Rocky and that music started playing in my head. This place smelled good not like the old gym or a box of smelly used socks. I felt like I had just come home after 50 years. I was introduced to Andreas the owner who has a smile that can warm the coldest of hearts. I explained I have never really worked out and did not know anything…. I said and I quote… “rebuild me in your image”. And you know what it was more than I could have EVER hoped for.Changes in my life are to many to mention here but in brief…. Better sleeping patterns, better mental stability, better eating habits, better endurance and so on… my body is changing along with my attitude and mind. If I don’t go for just 2 days my body and soul are craving another workout. 5 days a week and 4 months later I AM the changed person I was looking for. No words can explain only massive change in my life on ALL levels. Andreas and Deb work as a team to effortlessly bring the best out in you in every workout. From old school kettle bells to state-of-the-art technology these dynamic duos are on top of it. They are truly what Rembrandt was to the art world a couple centuries ago… I would HIGHLY recommend this team if you really and sincerely are ready for true and lasting change in your life… You honestly have nothing to lose and yet everything to gain.
Daniel RapleyDaniel Rapley
17:45 20 Oct 18
I love these guys! They really know their stuff. Small groups, not like the big impersonal gyms. Everyone here knows each other. I needed to get in shape for a climbing trip and this place was ideal. For me it was One on One training twice a week and training with group classes twice a week. Best shape of my life in short order.
Myrna VelillaMyrna Velilla
03:25 24 Jan 18
The two of you forever changed my outlook on physical health! You are super heroes and don’t even know it. I was on a highway to Diabetes and other health issues if I did not do something and God led me to TFW!!! I am full of gratitude and will miss seeing you! You truly care about your Familia! With much love and gratitude Myrna!!! Debra Rydziel and Andreas Washeim.
Joy StraznitskasJoy Straznitskas
02:09 01 Jun 16
Absolutely the best program, facility and coaches. Andreas and Deb have created a community of health, happiness and well-being through excellent coaching and collaborative teamwork. They inspire and motive me to do things I never thought possible. Couldn't recommend more highly.
Royal ScottRoyal Scott
17:12 06 Oct 15
I've always dreaded the gym but I get something out of every visit here. Andreas and Debra are the best to work with.

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