We’re living in a day where you can get pretty much anything you want in an instant. Social Media has made it possible to get news even before the major news stations can get it to the airwaves. You can see what your ‘friends’ are doing and who’s company they are sharing. Whether it’s information, services or things, you don’t even need to be near your computer at home or at your office, just pick up your phone, click, done, got it! Delivered right to your door. Socializing, face to face conversation even writing (with a pen) are becoming a lost art.

However, there’s one thing that technology will never be able to automate. Think about it, want to take a guess? Fitness! Exercising your body might be the only thing that will take your conscious effort to get up and move. Sure, there are apps you can download to follow an exercise routine but you will actually need to get up and move your body. There are a multitude of programs out there. Just turn on the television and you’ll find an exercise or diet infomercial telling you with their program you’ll lose weight. The reality with fitness, there are no short cuts.

You need to find the training program that works for you and have a healthy relationship with food. Notice, I said ‘training’ not ‘exercise’. Training is distinctly different from exercise. Exercise is movement without goals or purpose; motion without direction. It is in response of a ‘need’. Training, on the other hand, is motivated by a ‘want’, with goals and purpose. It is focused, intense and engaging. Training follows a logical system of progression where you can measure your progress. You will not only feel and see your results but you will become more confident.

Once you make the decision to take action, you won’t be able to defend your reasons for not doing something to be better in body, mind and spirit. Training is a continuous journey. So are you ready to lose all your excuses and find your results and be the best vision of yourself? Train More, Fear Less!

See you at the gym!

Are you ready to start your fitness journey? Get our help by contacting us for more information! There’s a warrior inside of you waiting to be released!

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