People who go to the gym regularly expect to see fast results. Men seem to grow their muscles fast and transform their bodies in what seems like overnight. But for women, it can be much harder to achieve results. This can be frustrating and discouraging for women who do not see the results they expect in a timely fashion. In order to reduce the probability of not seeing results, we have put together three reasons why your workout may not be working!

Reason 1: Nutrition

In order to maximize the results of your workout, you must be fueling your body correctly. What does that mean? It means that you are not only looking after the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that you intake, but you are putting them in your body at the right time.

It is important to eat protein between 15 and 30 minutes after a workout. Why have protein so suddenly? When we workout, there are tiny tears made in the muscles. Our white blood cells flood that area in order to heal it (which is the process that makes our muscles grow). Protein is one of the major amino acids involved in the workings of the white blood cells.

So in order to help your body heal and recover faster, protein consumption is key! Also, making sure that you are staying away from processed carbs, such as cereal and white bread, will help you keep off weight. Substitutions that can be made for simple carbs are brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, etc. (also considered complex carbs).

Reason 2: You’re Working Too Hard

Many people who want to achieve results go gung-ho in the gym. They think that being in the gym for many hours throughout the day will help them get results faster than just a few workouts a week. This is not necessarily the case.

While being active for about an hour each day is healthy, when weight training and working out hard, recovery is just as important as the work itself. If you are working out so much that your body does not have time to keep up with what you are doing, it is detrimental to your results. Recovery is the key to results and staying healthy!

Reason 3: You’re Not Working Hard Enough

If you go into the gym for an hour or so and have been doing the same workout routine over and over again, this section may be for you. There is a fine line between working too hard and just enough, but you still have to work! Making sure that your body is not getting used to the same workouts will help in keeping your body changing and on its toes (this can be done by changing your workout style: Plyometric, Cardio, etc.).

Try working up to heavier weights. Your body will react to the new levels of intensity that you put it through (with correct training). Doing the same exercise routine week in and week out will not give you any results until you add a challenge to it (such as adding weights or doing it for time)!

Identify which section you fit into if you aren’t seeing results and then contact us to get serious with you workouts!

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