Working out may seem like a chore because it takes time and consistency to see results. It may also seem like a daunting task because of the continuous repetitive movement that accompanies certain exercises.

Here are five fun workout ideas that will prevent common exercise boredom!


Medicine Ball Squats

Grab a partner for this exercise to make for a fun and entertaining workout! Simply toss the medicine ball up in the air, starting from your waist position and release it once it’s slightly below your shoulder level. Catch the medicine ball and perform a set of the squat with the ball held to your chest. You could replace this with your mundane bodyweight squats and repeat it 20 times before taking a rest.

Training For Warriors

If you’re looking for the benefits of weightlifting together with some cardiovascular endurance mixed together in it? Well, Training For Warriors is the Holy Grail to your fitness quest. Not only does it utilize weight training for strength gains, but the overall high intensity in this workout program will improve your overall endurance levels.


If you thought dancing was easy, think again. Listen to your favorite music while exercising can take your workout to the next level. You can dance to the beat of the music with intense coordination between your feet and arms, all while memorizing the steps. Dance classes may include Zumba, ballroom and a variety of other styles that suits your music taste and lifestyle. 


If you’re a fan of body weight exercises, then parkour would make a fun workout routine to challenge yourself in a different way. Filled with moves that enable you to maneuverer around your environment, you can easily work up a sweat in minutes by vaulting over ledges in your local park. Use caution and safety provisions with this one!

Martial Arts

Self-defense is a great exercise that is not only functional, but incredibly strenuous to your body. It works both as a cardiovascular activity to help you work up a sweat and increases your speed and dexterity so you can increase alertness in your daily life.  

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