Here we outline the fastest way to get in shape.

In over a decade of being in the fitness industry, we’ve seen our share of the good and the ugly.

One thing is certain; there is no such thing as a “quick fix.”

It’s not the most attractive thing for us to say, but working out takes one thing, and that’s dedication.

At Training for Warriors Connecticut we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals in the fastest, safest, and most efficient way possible.

Fastest – Our goal is to make sure your workouts give you the most “bang for your buck.” Nobody, not even us, have a ton of hours during the day to dedicate towards our fitness. If somebody comes to us with a goal in mind, we design a plan that will get them there faster than if they were trying to do it on there own.

Safest – If you get injured during a workout, it can take weeks to recover from it. This means weeks added onto when you reach your goal. No “cool exercise” is worth getting injured over, one minor setback will thwart your efforts, and could prevent you from reaching your goals indefinitely.

Too often we have people come in who see the newest trends online or in a magazine and want to instantly do it. What you have to realize is that these magazines have to share workouts that look exciting so it attracts the reader, but many of them are unsafe for someone new to working out.

They lack personalization, which is something that we bring to every students program that walks through our door.

Efficient – Everything from the exercise variation that we do, to the nutritional guidance that we give, it is all based around efficiency. Our clients know that everything we do is for a reason, that nothing we do is “random,” or based on assumptions.

So next time you are promised a “quick fix,” or you hear about a new cool workout program, we ask you to take a step back and think if they stand for the same values that we do here.

Training for Warriors Connecticut is dedicated to helping you build muscle, burn fat, and feel good in the fastest, safest, and most efficient way possible.

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