Thanks for joining me today.  I’d like to address a very common problem I know a lot of you experience on a daily basis – energy drain. If you often feel that by 2pm in the afternoon, you’d rather sleep than tackle the next item on your to-do list, you know all too well how what being tired feels like.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. You can actually have long-lasting energy that jumpstarts your day.

The trick is getting the right approach in place.  Let me share with you four smart and easy to implement strategies that will help boost your energy level.

Wake Up And Do 10

First things first, rather than hitting the snooze button three times before crawling out of bed (which let’s face it, never leaves you feeling more rested), get up and get a short workout in.

This only needs to last 10 minutes, but the impact it has on your daily energy will be long lasting.

You might get out for a brisk walk around your block or do a bodyweight exercise circuit in your bedroom.   Starting your day with a little activity will not only help bring you more energy, but it can kick-start your metabolic rate as well, assisting with bodyweight control (or weight loss, if that is your goal).

Make Good Use Of Your Lunch Break

Next, be sure that you also make good use of your lunch break. Rather than working right through lunch and eating at you desk, get up and give your body some fresh air.

Find a co-worker who wants to get active and set a date to walk for 20 minutes every lunch break.  You’ll return to the office feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to tackle your afternoon.

Banish Simple Carbs

When it comes to nutrition, simple carbs really are your enemy. Unfortunately enough, this is the precise type of food you crave when you hit those energy slumps.

They may help bring you temporary energy right after you eat them, but 60 minutes later, you’ll be back feeling lower than you were before.

If you want all-day energy, you really do need to banish all simple and processed carbs.  Instead, focus your diet around lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy fats.

These are the types of foods that will sustain you all day long.

Space Your Calories Out

Finally, last but not least, start getting into the habit of spreading your calories out. If you are eating three large meals right now, you’re likely experiencing a severe energy slump after each meal you eat.  The process of digestion can induce fatigue if you take in too much food at once.

Instead, eat six smaller meals throughout the day. If you do so, you’ll find that you feel more energized after each meal, rather than less.

Just do be sure that you adjust the size of these meals in half so your total calorie intake stays the same.

If you try these four strategies, I promise you will be feeling more energized almost instantly.  Small changes can really lead to big results when it comes to your energy level.

Talk to you soon!

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