Are you tired of not meeting your fitness goals? Do you find it difficult to eat healthy and stick to a consistent fitness program?  Think about some of the things you’ve tried in the past; maybe a cleanse, a 30-day workout challenge, or one of the many trendy diets you might have heard about.  How did those work for you?  You might have lost weight initially, but probably realized quickly that this type of “fad fitness” is not sustainable long-term.  These trendy “quick fixes” are unhealthy to maintain, and the weight will come back before too long.

In order to break the cycle, something needs to change.  You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. Why not try a different approach?  Habit-based coaching is the way to achieve long-term success and finally reach your fitness and nutrition goals for good! 

Unhealthy habits build up over time. When you are trying to change your body composition, it might seem like your clothes fit just fine one day and then suddenly started to feel a little snug the next, but the reality is that your body didn’t change overnight. Rather, the habits you have fallen into have changed your body. And the saying “old habits die hard” is so true; our actions form our unconscious habits, and then our environment and emotions make them difficult to break.

The power of healthy habits is the key to making positive changes in your body composition.  Eating healthy or starting and maintaining a fitness program can feel like the hardest endeavor because it requires changing your habits.  Everyone knows what they “should” do and has good intentions, but the truth is that breaking out of old habits and establishing new ones can be very difficult, and most people don’t make it very far without help. Working with a fitness coach for support, guidance, motivation, and accountability will help you break those old, unhealthy habits once and for all, and will help you build up a new set of healthy habits that your body and your mind will thank you for.

The coaches at TFWConnecticut will help you recognize the obstacles that may be holding you back, and then help keep you focused and on track through all the challenges that come with redefining your health and fitness habits.

With persistence, you will achieve your goals; with consistency, you will maintain your success.

By: Debra Rydziel, Coach, TFWConnecticut

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