If you’re tired of seeing advertisements that claim to speed up your fat loss and provide you with solutions that simply don’t work, then this article will be perfect for you! We’ve taken the liberty of compiling 7 of the most effortless fat loss hacks that work and have been scientifically proven to ease your fitness journey.

Intermittent Fasting

Simply put, intermittent fasting is a diet pattern that restricts your eating window to a specific time period, say from 1pm to 7pm. Meanwhile, in the time that you don’t eat, your body enters a fasted state that consumes energy from your fat storage, allowing you to lose fat more efficiently. On top of that, having lesser meals a day may result in an overall reduced consumption of calories, making it easier for you to go on a caloric deficit.


Drinking Water Before Each Meal

Consuming a glass of water before your meals will not only fill your stomach up, but it can also aid in digestion. It doesn’t take much discipline to incorporate into your diet and researchers found that people who drank 500ml of water before each meal lost up to 8lbs over 3 months!

Replacing Sour Cream and Mayo with Greek Yogurt

The amount of fat content in sour cream and mayo is often astonishingly high and consuming it on a regular basis will really add up over time. Instead, make the switch to some Greek yogurt and you’ll find yourself losing weight a lot faster! Greek Yogurt has minimal fat and packs a whole lot of protein, making your meal more filling too.


Skip the Salad Dressing

If you’re a fan of eating salads during your diet, this rule goes without saying. Salad dressing is one of the unhealthiest options you can choose to put in your salad, with up to 70 percent of its content being fat.


Snacking on Fruits

While you may find yourself plagued with hunger pangs and craving for snacks, fruits are a simple way to curb those unwanted cravings. Filled with fiber and healthy micronutrients, get yourself two servings of fruits whenever you feel the urge to snack!

Skip Sweet Drinks; Take only Water, Tea and Coffee

Embrace the change from sugary beverages to just water, tea and coffee. All that extra calories from sugar will do your body no good when losing weight so cut them out immediately! Even orange juice can have deceptively high amounts of sugar.


Sleep Adequately

Lastly, this hack is often overlooked because people simply assume weight loss is all about calories and exercise. Sleep is equally as important as nutrition and fitness because it regulates the growth hormones in your body, allowing you to lose weight effectively.



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