Why is it important for us to exercise regularly? We all know that exercise has many health benefits, but did you know that exercising regularly also improves your mood, self-esteem and your sex life?

The most important reason why we all exercise is to control our weight and ward off fat. The harder the workout is, the better the burn will be. Staying in shape is important but there are other benefits to exercising regularly.

Exercise improves your mood. Regular exercise helps you to deal with stress, especially from the work environment. If you had a tough day at your job or your boss is giving you a hard time, then exercise can be an excellent escape from stress. If for some reason you are in a bad mood, then exercising can lift your gloomy outlook on the world and have you skipping along in no time.

Having trouble with sleep? Exercise improves the rate at which you fall asleep and even deepens your sleep. When you exercise you will feel very energetic afterwards so make sure not to exercise near your bed time.

How does exercise improve your sex life? Aside from the fact that you will physically look better from regular physical activity, it has its benefits for both men and women. For women, exercise leads to an enhanced sense of arousal. For men, you reduce the likely hood of having erectile dysfunction problems.

Exercising can be fun. Exercise should be enjoyable and it is your job to make sure of that. Don’t look at your workout as “yet another thing you have to do today,” but rather see it as a chance disconnect from life’s everyday stresses!

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