Melanie came to us in December, 2015 wanting to gain strength and lose some weight. She was determined to make a transformation in herself. Starting with a combination of TFW Group Classes as well as One-on-One training, Melanie’s commitment and determination have been key to her success. She is stronger and has more endurance. Melanie is a cheerleader for her fellow students and encourages everyone to dig a little deeper. Since starting with TFWConnecticut, training is becoming a family affair. Her daughter Shannon is also training to be stronger at her Equestrian Events and Taw Kwan Do. Nothing seems to discourage Melanie’s drive to train. Even with an unexpected set-back, she continues to train keeping her expectations high. She is now working toward the next level of her fitness to be stronger and surpass all her current Pernonal Records. We have no doubt she will exceed all expectations.

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