Winter is here and that means days when you choose to stay at home rather than brave the weather to hit the gym. But that’s alright because you can still stay fit while working out in the comfort of your home.

Here are 5 easy ways to stay fit at home this holiday season!

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises have always been a great alternative to weight training. In fact, what you could do in the gym, you could probably do with the weight of your body and some simple creativity. To get a full body workout in, consider doing a variety of exercises such as pull ups, push ups, pistol squats and some ab exercises. Remember that your body will get accustomed to these bodyweight exercises in a few weeks, so switching them up is advisable.

Resistance Band Exercises

If you haven’t gotten yourself one of a resistance band for your home, it’s time to invest in one. Not only does it aid you in stretching, it could be used to add another dimension of challenge to your current workout routines. By attaching these resistance bands to a hooking point in your house, you can easily perform a variety of exercises such as the glute raise, abductor and adductor training, deadlifts, and even bicep curls. The number of exercises is endless and only limited by your creativity!

High-Intensity Circuit Exercises

You don’t need much space in your house to be able to perform a heart-pumping circuit exercise. Simply combine a few of your bodyweight exercises together with some resistance band exercises to kick up a sweat. The key here is to really increase the repetitions and shorten the breaks so your body will struggle to keep up, in turn maximizing your calories burned over time.

Home Myofascial Release

Staying fit doesn’t only involve exercising repetitively. There has to be a balance between keeping the skeletal muscle mobile and injury-free. Enter the home myofascial release approach, which everyone should perform in their free time. Using just a foam roller and a lacrosse ball (or a solid ball of any kind), you’ll be able to increase your flexibility, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and improve blood circulation with just 10 minutes of myofascial release every day.

Stationary Cardio

You may wonder how exactly you are going to get your cardio workout in with such a constrained space like your house. Simple exercises such as skipping rope, jumping lunges and box jumps are perfect for improving your cardiovascular health. You don’t really need tons of space and simple equipment will suffice to get you sweating in no time.

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