For many people, the holiday season is all about immersing yourself in the holiday experience by eating to your heart’s content, enjoying yourself with your family and friends, and taking a rest from your hectic schedule. However, that doesn’t mean you have to lose the progress you’ve made after training so hard.

Here’s how to stay in your best shape this holiday season!

Lose Those Extra Calories and Save Time

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re bound to be even busier than usual. If you wish to get a better workout without sacrificing your time, switch your workout to one that has a higher intensity and less rest time. This would mean increasing the rep range while maintaining your resistance in the gym or in your workouts. For cardiovascular work, adopting high-intensity interval training instead of your normal jog could be very beneficial. It could save you time and keep you challenged with each workout.

Start Your Day Earlier

The holidays mean more time to spend enjoying your time with family and friends. It would actually help to start your day off earlier so that you can accomplish more. By waking up an hour earlier every day and dedicating that time to working out, you’re essentially freeing up the rest of your day for other important events. Coupled with high-intensity training mentioned previously, your body will stay fit throughout the winter!

Bodyweight and Resistance Band Exercises

The holidays may mean traveling to visit distant relatives and friends. This could greatly inconvenience your workout routine due to the lack of gym facilities or equipment in an unfamiliar territory. However, you can easily maintain your current fitness levels with just bodyweight exercises and resistance bands. Simply pack a couple of resistance bands in your carry on so you can continue your workouts without any excuses.

Intermittent Fasting

Holidays are centered around parties and parties are centered around food. It feels normal to binge heavily on unhealthy desserts and food filled with fat, but all at the expense of our weight. A solution to this problem is intermittent fasting. The concept of intermittent fasting revolves around restricting your calories at certain periods of time so as to lower your overall caloric intake. The good thing is, you can easily use it to your advantage by fasting several meals before your event and eating as much as you like during the event.

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